Art Pads

A wide variety of vellum weights in art pads and field books, from our 100% Cotton 16lb 1000H to our new 24lb heavy weight vellum.  Available in unprinted and non-repro grids.



A 100% cotton sheet that is made transparent without the use of solvents.  It features a smooth, uniform surface at a 60GSM weight. Pencil and pen lines come out sharp and clean with no feathering edges and no ghosting. Retains strength, stability, transparency, and printing qualities under exposure to heat, light, and atmosphere. It will not become yellow, brittle, or opaque with age. Compatible with a wide range of drafting and fine art media. Available in a wide range of formats from sheets and rolls, to pads and field books.


Get inspiration in our gallery featuring artist submitted work and our Cross Country Clearprint project.

Artist: Jenell Willey